9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

You won’t be shocked to hear that eating too much saturated fat and refined sugar will inevitably lead to obesity.

Poor diet plus a sedentary lifestyle forms the basis of most weight gain, and increases your risk of illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

And guess what? You may actually be gaining weight through behaviors you don’t even consciously recognize. As it turns out, there are many habits that seem fine on their face, but are actually sneakily adding pounds to your frame.

Mastering the following nine examples will get you a long way toward a healthy weight, even without taking on a restrictive and miserable diet regimen.

1. Eating Foods Labelled Low Fat

Contrary to years of public health warnings about the danger of eating fat, new research points to sugar as a much stronger driver of obesity.

For years we have all been buying low fat foods because they are marketed as healthy, but the truth is quite the opposite. Foods that have had their natural fat removed may have fewer calories, but that fat is replaced with sugar and other chemical additives that are actually way worse.

All that sugar gets used or stored by the body quickly, leaving you hungry again in short order. Ironically, if you had just eaten a meal with a good amount of healthy, unsaturated fat, you would likely eat fewer total calories throughout the day because you’d stay full longer.

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