The 11 Proven Exercises for A Flat Belly

You’re close to your target weight and you’ve spent countless hours in the gym, and now you’re wondering why you still don’t have a flat belly.

They key to this is threefold: a calorie controlled diet to make sure you’re not storing excess belly fat, a good all round workout to keep those calories burning, and a targeted workout for the muscles in your stomach.

The eleven exercises below will target your belly area and give you the look that you want.

Number nine is going to blow your mind – it’s something anyone can do, no matter their level of fitness, and just ten minutes a day is proven to have visible results.

1. The Squat

The squat is a perfect core exercise that not only strengths your legs, but also your abs. Your ab muscles will hold tension as you squat, taking on the role of keeping you balanced. Hold your stomach in as you squat for the best results.

Mix up the kind of squats you do to keep things interesting and target different core muscles.

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