10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Breaking the Bank

If you are looking to lose some weight but don’t have the finances to buy pricy gym memberships or pre-made diet meals, you’ve come to the right place. There is certainly pressure to spend that money, as marketers relentlessly push the message that if you just buy their revolutionary product, the weight will simply melt away.

But real, lasting weight loss is not about gimmicks or fancy gear; it is about making a lifestyle change that you can live with. Diets fail because they are set up as a short term proposition. Indeed, people are led to buy first one product, then another, and another, yet they never get to where they want to be.

Instead, we are offering 10 ways to lose weight that don’t cost any money at all. In fact, you can even save money with some of them. This is all about minor changes you can make to the way you eat, exercise, and think about the role of food in your life.

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